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The apparel store that it's stars shine bright, it's stripes stretch long, and the spirit of America runs deep in each thread! The Red mafia is a brand born of the American dream, steeped in the values of hard work, resilience, and unwavering patriotism.

It's just about TRUMP SEASON... 2024!

Are you ready? Get your Trump gear here... don't go to a rally, the bar or even the grocery store without the best Trump gear draped over you.

For Her Collection

Introducing the For Her Collection - where confidence meets comfort, and fierce meets fabulous. Ladies, it's time to embrace your inner hottie and let your spirit shine! Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening at home, or taking a stand with fiery fervor, we've got the perfect fit for you.


To take advantage of the FREE tee all you have to do is order 3 Hoodies... one of each of the 3 colors & you'll receieve a FREE Baby Blue woman's Tee like the one displayed in the image above. Simply add each Hoodie and the T-Shirt into your shopping cart and at checkout the price of the T-Shirt will automatically be deducted. What are you waiting for Click the button below and add all three hoodies and the free tee now!


    When you wear Red Mafia, you're making a bold statement about your love for "MERICA"!


    Wearing Red Mafia ensures that freedom of expression remains unshaken and ever-persistent.


    When you wear Red Mafia, you're in solidarity with all the brave heroes who hold lines every day.

  • FREE SHIPPING | $75 & UP

    Wear your pride, celebrate your values, and leave the shipping costs to us. On orders $75 or over!

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Listen to what the people have to say about the all new Red Mafia Apparel. The only brand that is made for the People by the People!


Just drop both the Navy Blue and the Black all new version 2 of our number one selling design -- "If I've Ever Offended You I'm Sorry That You're a Little Bitch" and save 20%.


    That's right, snag your FREE "If I've ever offended you I'm sorry..." tee right now by simply signing up to our brand new monthly subscription service. Watch the video above that will give you a brief description of why we are offering you this crazy deal and how it all works. Then, click the link below and get your FREE tee/s now!

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What does the Red Mafia stand for?

Simply put... MERICA!

Are you an American Brand?

AbsoF*ckinglutely, we are an American brand. Our owners live in America, our products are printed in America and we ship from America!

What are shipping times?

Well that all depends. On what you ask? Great question. On the carrier you choose at checkout. Most shipping times range between 2-7 business days.

Do you ship products on the weekend?

Ummm... if you can talk our wives into letting us work 24/7 then... F*ck no! We need down time too so at the moment we do not work on weekends. Who knows though, that may change and if it does I'll let you know!

What can I expect when I order from Red Mafia?

You can expect a quality tee, a custom design made by an American artist and pride for the RED, WHITE & BLUE with every order. Oh, and a virtual hug to say thanks... yes, bro hugs are okay!!!

If I need to contact Red Mafia, how do I do that?

You can reach us at info@theredmafia.com