Welcome to the Red Mafia! We started this company for those of us who truly believe in Family, God, and Country. We here at Red Mafia believe in supporting our armed services, support of our first responders, and protection of all our individual freedoms. Our apparel lets you show your beliefs and values proudly on your sleeve, and of course have a little fun while you do it! 


Not everyone agrees that Family, God, and Country are important...and that is ok...they don't need to buy our gear!  But for those of us who do, join the Red Mafia, wear your beliefs proudly and help us support what we feel America stands for.  


100% of our gear is designed and decorated in the USA. All of our support and management are here in the USA. When you want to talk to us or follow us on social media, everything we do is here in the USA. We take pride in what we do and it’s our goal to create a following that has similar interests. 


If you are at an event, at the range, watching a ball game, or just grilling in the backyard, wear your Red Mafia gear proudly and know we and our community will always have your back!